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Teacher Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Put a Smile on Their Face

If you’ve been busy organizing your gift-buying list for the holidays, then there is no doubt you’ve gone ahead and placed your child’s teacher(s) on there. It’s always a nice gesture to purchase a little something for them but with that said, teachers’ gifts can be hard to buy. You don’t know them well, so you aren’t exactly sure of their interests, and you don’t want to buy them the same gift all the other parents have purchased. So what can you do?

In order to make the gift buying smoother and faster, we’ve put together some great teacher gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on their face.

A Fun Take on Candles

Who doesn’t love a great scented candle? They are perfect for just about any room in the house, wonderful when entertaining, and help set the tone when you’re having a quiet night at home. You don’t need to know the teacher’s personality in order to pick out the right candle especially when you check out the soy candles available through Frostbeard Studio.

Each of their candles have a fun scent that are unique a bit off-the-wall. Ones that could be perfect for the teacher include Oxford Library, Old Books, Bookworm, Divination Classroom, Sherlock’s Study, Rainy Day Reads, The Archives, and Wordsmith.

Personalized Stationery

Who doesn’t love getting personalized gifts, and when it comes to a teacher, stationery is the perfect item to have monogrammed. You can have a notepad made with their name on it, and even a classic border design.

A Customized Candy Jar

While on the topic of personalized gifts, another big hit is a customized candy jar. You can have the teacher’s name printed right on the jar and then you can go ahead and fill it full of goodies. He/she may choose to set it on their desk in the classroom, or take it home to enjoy with their family.

A Bouquet of School Supplies

What is the one thing teachers always seem to be running out of, and never seem to get replaced often enough – school supplies. A fun idea can be to create a bouquet of school supplies. You can use pencils as the stem tied with a ribbon around a jar, and then fill that jar with things such as glue, markers, tape, scissors, pencil crayons, colored paper, stickers, etc. The bouquet is sure to spark some creative projects in the classroom.

Don’t Forget the Homemade Touch

Maybe you want to scrap heading to the store all together and give them a gift that is a bit more meaningful. Homemade treats are always a wonderful gift idea, especially during the holidays. Your child can take part in making them, and then they can be displayed in a gift tin or on a lovely platter wrapped in cello wrap. The teacher is sure to appreciate the thought and hard-work that was put into the baking.

Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong With

Each of these gift ideas is sure to be a hit with the teacher, and each shows that you’ve put in plenty of thought.