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Gardening Made Easy – Tips and Products to get Your Garden Blooming

We all love a nice garden to relax and unwind in during the summer and take pleasure form the flowers and shrubs that brighten up the front and rear of our homes. For many people though, gardening is a dark art and growing plants and flowers seems very daunting and involves a lot of hard work, knowledge and equipment.

Gardening, however, need not be daunting as there are plenty of easy methods, and a fair few products that can help get you started, allowing you to grow flowers, shrubs and plants right from the off. And best of all, most of these methods are eco friendly and green too.

To get to grips with gardening, first you have to understand the basic aspects of a good garden. There are four types of vegetation in our garden and each requires different methods of care and attention: First there’s the lawn, which needs to be trimmed, fed, watered and kept short; then the shrubs, the plants which surround the lawn or are in containers on the patio, most of which will bloom and provide the colour to your garden; the hedges and larger shrubs that also need to be kept trimmed and often act as borders between our homes and the next; and vegetables, increasingly common, vegetables are grown for food providing health alternatives to shop-grown produce.

Lawn and Hedges

As long as it is watered and fed a lawn should look after itself needing nothing more than cutting. Tending the lawn can often be one of the easiest ways of slipping into non-environmental methods. Avoid chemical lawn feeds and instead looked to compost or other natural methods-fancy a wormery in your garden? Secondly, as the lawn will need to be cut at least once a fortnight, buy a good quality push lawn mower.

A modern push lawn mower are not back-breaking and not that much more difficult to use than an electric mower-they are safer too with no fear of running over the electric flex. For the borders, electrical trimmers are a noisy nuisance and mechanical methods give sharper edges. Same for hedges, a good sharp pair of shear is all that is required to keep them in shape.

Plants, Flower and Vegetables

If you back garden is currently sparse with few blooms, plants and vegetables, getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. Raised beds and growing kits are an easy way to start. The come in a variety of types and for a variety of different plants from to flower and shrub growing kits, to vegetable beds, which keep the veggie patch separate from the garden allowing you to tend to them specifically.

Raised Veggie Bed With some of the flower and plant growing kits, once you get them started you can then be replant them all in the garden enabling you to look out you window and see colourful blooms, plants and flowers to enrich almost nay back garden.