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Tips for Keeping Your Baby Clean

Babies are innocent, cute, and bring joy to everyone. But a baby’s mum knows bets how difficult it is to keep the baby clean. Right from changing their diaper timely to bathing them, a mother needs to know how and whys of it. Mostly, parents of the first child have a number of questions and are too conscious about hygiene since they don’t want their baby to get infected.  Following are the things you can do to keep your baby clean

Bathing your little one

While you can bathe your baby every day, it is not a rule to do so. You can even wipe your baby’s body using a soft cloth or towel to keep it clean. Generally, bathing a baby twice or thrice a week suffices. Make sure you use baby products that are trusted and are mild. Also, make sure that water doesn’t enter your baby’s eyes, nose or mouth. After you bathe the baby, clean the areas inside creases since not cleaning those areas can cause infection.

Keeping your baby’s clothes clean

Wash your baby’s clothes on a daily basis using mild detergent and antibacterial solutions. You should dry them indoors to avoid contamination with pollen or dust. Change your baby’s clothes three to four times a day after feeding it. If you use a carrier, make sure you also clean it time to time.

Taking care of the baby’s eyes, nose, and ears

It is scientifically proven that applying anything in the baby’s eyes or instilling anything in its ears and nose is unsafe. So, you don’t have to do anything to clean the baby’s eyes, nose, ears, and tongue.

Keeping the baby’s private areas clean

Since you need to use diapers for babies, you should keep checking the diaper. Once the baby has urinated or passed feces, you should change the diaper and clean the baby’s private area with wipes. Also, wash the baby’s private area once in a day. You can carry nappy bags when you are traveling so that you don’t run out of nappies.

Cutting hair and nails

You should use a baby scissors or a clipper to cut baby’s nails since they grow very fast. Also, you can do it while the baby is asleep to avoid movements and disturbance. While the baby can get a haircut, you should wait till the baby gets its triple injection to shave its head. This helps prevent tetanus.

Cleaning other accessories

Everything that you use for the baby should be kept clean. Also, you should keep you home extra clean to make sure there is no infection causing agents. The baby’s bottles should be sterilized in boiling water. You should clean the toys using soap and water to keep them clean.

You need to take special care of the baby’s cleanliness because newly born babies have a lower immunity to infections and diseases than adults. Cleaning practices ensure you don’t have to run frequents errands to the doctor.